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Southwest Boeing 737 Max plane makes emergency landing in Orlando after suffering engine failure just two weeks after second fatal crash involving similar aircraft

美國西南航空波音737 Max再次遇險

· Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max jet made emergency landing in Orlando
· FAA says the plane experienced engine problem shortly after takeoff
· Aircraft was on its way to California to be grounded as per government orders
· Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines planes have crashed in last 5 months, killing 346
· The automated MCAS system is the focus of investigations into the two crashes
· Pilots were found to be either unaware of the system or had inadequate training



美聯社和米蘭達 奧德絲麗報導

PUBLISHED: 21:15 GMT, 26 March 2019 | UPDATED: 00:12 GMT, 27 March 2019

2019年3月26日發布 2019年3月27日更新

It was the second fatal crash involving the airplane. U.S. airlines are allowed to shuttle the planes but cannot carry passengers.


The FAA says it's investigating but it appears the emergency was not related to anti-stall software suspected in the two fatal crashes.


The latest malfunction comes as new details are emerging about the two fatal crashes that have landed Boeing in hot water.


Pilots had less than 40 seconds to correct a fault with Boeing's automated system that investigators suspect caused the two disastrous plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, according to tests.


The pilots underwent a crisis simulation test to recreate the final moments of Lion Air Flight 610, which nosedived into the Java Sea shortly after take-off in October 2018.


The automated system, known as MCAS, is also the focal point of the probe into the Ethiopian Airlines crash involving the same Boeing 737 Max model earlier this month.

自動操縱系統,即MCAS,也是埃航空難事故調查的焦點。本月初,該公司一架同型號波音737 MAX墜毀。

The aviation giant has come under intense scrutiny over the two crashes, in which a total of 346 lives were lost.


When a sensor failed during the simulation test, the automatic stall prevention kicked in - giving pilots a matter of seconds to manually override the system to avoid a steep and irreversible downward dive, the New York Times reports.


This must all be done extremely quickly otherwise attempts to resolve the problem might be too late.


Aviation safety consultant and a former 737 pilot, John Cox, told the Times that although pilots would likely trigger the first switch to extend the 40-second window, this would only buy several more minutes.

航空安全顧問及前737飛行員,約翰 考克斯告訴時報,即使飛行員按下了第一個按鈕,延長了40秒時間窗口,此舉也只能得到額外的幾分鐘時間。

There would still be scarcely enough time to diagnose and solve the problem.


The software fix will prevent repeated operation of the anti-stall system at the centre of safety concerns, and deactivate it if one sensor appears to have failed, two people familiar with pilot briefings told Reuters on Monday.


Upgrading an individual 737 MAX with Boeing's new software only takes about an hour per plane, though the overall process could stretch on far longer as it is rolled out across the global fleet due to stringent testing and documentation requirements by engineers and regulators, according to a senior Federal Aviation Administration official with knowledge of the process.

737 MAX軟件升級到新的版本,每架飛機大約只需要一個小時。然而,全部升級完畢要延續很長時間。據一位熟知該進程的FAA高級官員的話說,畢竟機隊遍及全球各地,且工程師與監管者會要求嚴格的測試和提交書面資料。

American Pilots will also have to complete FAA-approved computer-based training on the changes, followed by a mandatory test, but some pilots have said more may be needed.


Investigations are ongoing, but a preliminary report on an Ethiopian Airlines crash will very likely be released this week, the country's transport
ministry said on Tuesday.


Ethiopian and French investigators have pointed to 'clear similarities' between the two crashes, putting pressure on Boeing and U.S. regulators to come up with an adequate fix.